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Here at Have Mercy Dog Training, we believe communication is the heart of training. Since you communicate like a human and your dog communicates like a dog, we help you create the lines of understanding that are necessary for your dog to know what you want!  We also teach you how to understand what your dog is trying to tell you - especially important if your dog is nervous, shy, or aggressive.

We commit to practices that are least invasive to the dog, allow plenty of opportunities for success, and that garner joyful cooperation from your dog.  We use no aversive techniques or tools, and focus on positive, affirming activities and methods to reinforce desired behaviors.


Shelter Consulting

  • $50/hour

  • $75/in-home

Basic Obedience Training

  • In your home: $100 per 1-hour lesson

  • At our training locations: $50 per 1-hour lesson

Behavior Consultation

  • $150 for first two hours, $50/hour each additional hour

  • $125 per follow up first two hours, $50 each additional hour

  • Provide instruction for shelter personnel (staff, volunteer, and foster) on handling, management, and match-making

  • Hold on-site group classes

  • Create sustainable enrichment and training programs for staff/volunteers 

  • Work with problematic dogs on site and in foster

  • ​Private instruction targeting your specific goals

  • AKC-certified Canine Good Citizen training and testing available

  • Surcharge for travel outside of the Greater STL Metro area - $25 per lesson

  • For dogs with fearful, aggressive, or out-of-control behaviors 

  • A comprehensive program detailing management strategies and modification techniques





A tiny bit about how I got started...

I have always - ALWAYS - had dogs and enjoyed training, behavior, and science.  All of those things converged professionally in 2012, when I began volunteering at rescue organizations that rehabbed harder cases.  Immediately addicted to rehabilitative training as opposed to obedience, I became a paid shelter worker in 2014.

Seeing the dogs returned from adoption was heartbreaking.  Rescue animals can be more anxious, more protective of their resources, and more reactive than dogs raised in appropriate circumstances. We did what we could to keep these families united, but we also had to work with our dogs in the shelter. I often found myself saying, "If I only had more time..."  I dreamed of being able to devote more time to helping these families stay intact.

While on hiatus from shelter work in 2018, I was contacted by a volunteer friend for help with his aggressive foster.  The dog was a handful, and that meeting is what inspired me to formalize Have Mercy! Dog Training as my legitimate, full-time business.  I practice a dog-centered, compassion-based teaching philosophy to help people and dogs communicate needs, respect boundaries, and understand behaviors so that your dog fits in to YOUR household as a happy, healthy, stable member of your family. 

HS class 2.HEIC


314.973.7831 (call or text)


Evenings & Weekends Expected - Mondays off

Contact Allison for Availability

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